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Intotaal is specialized in Dutch lessons for non-native speakers of the Dutch language; the level of your previous education does not matter because it is meant for anyone who wishes to learn Dutch.
For everyone who does not yet (sufficiently) master the Dutch language, Intotaal offers custom-made lessons, containing:

Intotaal wants to help you achieve your goals!

Private lessons

If you wish to communicate better with your social environment, for example your colleagues at work, Intotaal training offers private lessons or learning in a group.

Before you start, the teacher has to schedule an intake to discuss your admission to the actual lessons. During this intake she will make an inventory of your wishes, needs and possibilities. The teacher will then determine your level. You will make a schedule for the course together. The duration and programme of the course depend on your wishes and goals. After the interview you will receive a free of charge and non-committal quotation.

About the lessons:

For more information or a non-committal intake:


In company training

Does your company have employees that need help with their Dutch? Intotaal provides a programme especially designed for your company and staff. The duration and the content of the course depend on the wishes and the goals of you and your staff.


During the intake (interview), the teacher will discuss the possibilities with you and determine your level. The teacher will then develop the custom-made lessons. These lessons and the schedule can vary and change during the course according to your needs. After the interview you will receive a free of charge non-committal quotation.

Company training consists of:

For more information or a non-committal intake:

Exam preparations

Do you want to become a citizen in the Netherlands or wish to follow an education or training?

There are two possibilities:

Civic Integration Exam

To integrate in the Netherlands you have to do a civic integration exam, consisting of:

  1. KNS: knowledge of the Dutch culture and society
  2. 4 skills will be tested:

For people who want take the old civic integration exam (until 2015) other rules and requirements apply.

Working and/or studying

If you have had any type of intermediate vocational education (MBO) or a job at that level you will need the state exam NT2, 1. For university and higher vocational education (HBO) you will need the state exam NT2, 2.

4 skills will be tested:


During the intake (interview) the teacher will determine your level. She will discuss with you what you want and need. Afterwards you will make a custom-made course schedule together.
After the interview you will receive a free of charge non-committal quotation.

For more information or a non-committal intake:


Intake (interview) Free of charge
Private training € 35 per hour
€ 52,50 per lesson of 1,5 uur
10 private lessons of 1 hour
10 private lessons of 1,5 hour
€ 350
€ 525
15 private lessons of 1 hour
15 private lessons of 1,5 hour
€ 525
€ 787,50
20 private lessons of 1 hour
20 private lessons of 1,5 hour
€ 700
€ 1050
In company training/group training On request
Costs for the materials Will be determined in collaboration

*The rates/prices mentioned above are per person. For work related courses VAT (BTW) of 21% will be added.

With the custom-made courses costs for preparation time can be added, but only in collaboration with you before the start of the course.

For more information or a non-committal intake:

The teacher

Dorothée BrandsMy name is Dorothée Brands. I graduated as teacher in the French and Dutch language at the then called ‘Moller Instituut’ nowadays the ‘Fontys’ in Tilburg. Immediately afterwards I moved to France to live and work. After 5 years I returned to the Netherlands and started teaching at secondary schools. After a while I started with the post-higher vocational education (HBO) for NT2 (Dutch as a second language) in Nijmegen. After which I started to work at the ‘ROC De Leijgraaf’ in Oss as a teacher of NT2. I enjoyed working there for 7 years.

I provided Dutch lessons to:

I have also provided integration courses and did a lot of coaching. In 2005 I moved to Houten, close to Utrecht. I have been an NT2 teacher at the ‘ROC Midden Nederland’ as well as at the IVIO (college for individual development) and at the Fairfield College in Hilversum. Today I live and work as an independent teacher NT2 in Mook, close to Nijmegen.

For more information or a non-committal intake:

Student reviews


“Ik heb met veel plezier les gehad van Dorothée. Ik vond het erg fijn dat zij zich aan mijn vaardigheden en snelheid aanpaste. Ze is een leuke persoonlijkheid die duidelijke opdrachten geeft. Ik ben erg vooruit gegaan door haar lessen, een aanrader voor iedereen.”
Helga (IJsland)

“Dorothée is een van de beste leraressen die ik ken. Zij is niet alleen een goede lerares maar ook een goede psycholoog. Zij gaf me zelfvertrouwen! Dorothée kon me in korte tijd voorbereiden op het inburgeringsexamen. Als mens is Dorothée een mooie, warme en meelevende vrouw. Zij heeft een groot gevoel voor humor en dat maakt de lessen erg leuk!”
Beata (Polen)

“Dorothée is een lieve en aardige docent. Ze zorgt er altijd voor dat je alles begrijpt. Ze vertelt alles op een makkelijke manier met veel voorbeelden. Ze heeft mij goed geholpen om het inburgeringsexamen te halen.”
Malk (Irak)

“The lessons were great and I was lucky to have Dorothée as my dutch language teacher because she has great patience. She could very well explain difficult things which made it much easier for me to learn the language quickly and to get my Dutch diploma (hoera!). The learning was serious but she made it light. She made that I enjoyed the lessons.”
Raj (India)

“Into-taaltrainingen lessons have helped me greatly in learning Dutch. I am able to communicate much more easily now
and understand more.The lessons are very enjoyable, always well planned and tailored to my individuel needs/requests.
Through Dorothée’s teaching skills and good grasp of the English language, I find we are able  to cover a diverse range of
materials at a good pace. I would highly recommand Into-taaltrainingen to anyone learning Dutch!”
Wendy (Engeland)

Dorothée war mir eine tolle Lehrerin. Sie ist ein geduldige Erklärerin, die sich an das Tempo des Schülers hervorragend anpasst. Ich habe bei ihr Riesenschritte gemacht und freue mich schon, wenn ich mit ihr gemeinsam weiter machen kann. Ich habe bei meinem Praktikum in den Niederlanden viel durch hören aufgeschnappt und sie hat mir schnell und zielgerichtet geholfen mit dem vielen aufgeschnappten Phrasen und Wörtern etwas anfangen zu können. Sie hat eine warme und herzliche Persönlichkeit und ich habe mich bei ihr gleich wohl gefühlt. Damit gibt sie einem auch nötigen Rahmen um Selbstvertrauen zu entwickeln. Alles in allem eine tolle Erfahrung und ich freue mich schon auf meine Skype Stunden mit ihr um auch von Österreich aus weiterlernen zu können.
Susanne (Oostenrijk)

En suivant les cours avec Dorothée j’ai développer en toute facilité mon néerlandais . Elle est à l’écoute de ses élèves . Elle explique clairement les règles de grammaire et trouve de nouvelles façons ludique pour travailler son néerlandais tel qu’en utilisant des applications sur iPhone ou via Internet . L’atmosphère de travail est agréable et sérieuse, elle est flexible avec les emplois du temps ce qui permet aux élèves d’avoir un travail dans la continuité et sans interruption . Un grand plus pour les personnes comme moi avec un emploi du temps chargé.
Aymeric (Frankrijk)

“Jamás había tenido una experiencia tan positiva al aprender un idioma. Dorothée ha podido enseñarme de una manera rápida, eficiente y divertida el idioma neerlandés. El tener clases particulares con ella ha sido un factor importante, ya que se enfocó total y particularmente en mis necesidades. Su paciencia, profesionalismo y gran experiencia con otras culturas la caracterizan. En su trabajo se demuestra la gran vocación y dedicación que tiene para ayudar a sus alumnos, no sólo aprender el idioma, sino también a integrarnos mucho más rápido a la cultura neerlandesa. Sin duda, una excelente maestra.”
Marianne Romero (Mexico)

“I had a rather tight window of opportunity to learn Dutch from scratch (because i really did not know anything despite having lived in the NL for years) and dear Dorothée, with her excellent planning, help and kindness, got me through. I did not know if the time or limited number of lessons we had would be enough, but we made it. And it was all due to Dorothée’s help because she set the pace, went over the most difficult and important details and helped with the whole process, including mock examinations and filling out necessary forms. I am very glad i got to know her and learn from her.”
Irem (Turkey)


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